The Jacket That I Want For Christmas This Year

I am a huge golf fan, and although I am not very good at the sport myself, I do like to go out and drive a few balls every now and again.  Still, I enjoy watching golf very much, which is why I was amazed when I saw the jacket that Galvin Green was wearing at the Ryder Cup last year.  I was mostly amazed by the fact that it looked to be an extremely comfortable jacket, and the fact that he was still able to swing his clubs with ease while he was wearing it.  Most golfers do not wear jackets while they are golfing, and this is generally because a jacket will restrict some of the motion of your arms, or it might even get caught on some of the articles of clothing that you are wearing under it, which will cause a lot of problems in your golf game.  This jacket, on the other hand, did not seem to have any of these problems at all, and that was why I was so intrigued by it when I saw him wearing it.

I decided that I would run a search for Galvin Green waterproof jacket in order to see if I would be able to find more info about it.  During my very first search for it, I found a site that actually sold the exact same jacket.  I was amazed to find that this particular jacket was designed to be worn on the golf course, as it is built in a way that will guarantee that you will be able to swing your clubs without any problems at all.  To me, this was the most amazing thing about the jacket, and so I thought it was something that I might consider purchasing once I had the money.  Not only did this jacket work well for Galvin Green out on the course, but it also looked good enough to wear anywhere that I wanted to go.

Galvin Green waterproof jacket

Instead of actually purchasing it for myself, I told my wife that this would be a good idea for a Christmas present for me this year.  I laid the hints down pretty heavy, and I even showed her the site that was selling the jacket.  I am hoping that she will take my hints and buy me this jacket this year.  It really would make for an amazing Christmas gift, and it is something that I would be very thankful for if she were to purchase it for me.

I have even talked to a couple of my friends about this jacket, and they all agree that it is very nice.  We will see if I end up having it.  If my wife does not end up ordering it for me, then I will likely go on the internet and order one for myself after the holidays.  Either way, I want that Galvin Green waterproof jacket to be part of my regular apparel.